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Commercial Mediation

Mediation is the preferred dispute resolution process for most commercial, corporate and other organisations. As nationally accredited mediators Coffs Harbour Mediation (CHM) can assist you to resolve difficult issues discreetly and with minimal disruption to your business. CHM is based in Coffs Harbour but CHM can offer mediation services in Sydney CBD and country NSW as well as the Coffs Harbour area at very competitive cost.

CHM  offers conflict resolution between business partners, boardroom conflicts between company directors and deals with complex substantive issues in every form of business structure as well as resolving issues of management style or difficult personalities at all levels within an organization. Issues between franchisor and franchisee are a specialised area and John Rosley is a member of the ACCC specialist Franchise Dispute Resolution panel being one of a handful of panel members outside of Sydney.

John is also a member of the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman's panel.

Conflicts arise in many different business situations, within the business and with external customers, suppliers and others with whom the business is in a contractual relationship. Sales and purchases of businesses result in unexpected and sometimes unpleasant surprises for both the buyer and seller and all too often result in court proceedings that make the transaction unprofitable for both parties. Particular difficulties may be experienced by those making substantial investment in purchasing a franchise and resolving franchising disputes often requires specialist legal advice as well as careful mediation.


Workplace Investigations 

CHM undertake investigations into matters arising within the workplace. The investigation is conducted fairly and impartially with careful attention to procedural fairness and natural justice. At the conclusion of the investigation a confidential report is submitted to the client clearly setting out findings of fact and any recommendations. It is an essential feature of any workplace investigation that everyone concerned is aware that the investigation is totally independent of the organisation and the parties.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have as to how our investigations are conducted and the sort of matters that can be subject to investigation.




 As commercial mediators CHM can assist in the resolution of many types of commercial disputes. Our object is to keep our commercial clients out of the courts or to help them resolve court proceedings at the earliest possible stage. The cost of litigation is not only the prohibitive financial costs of the legal process. Litigation is stressful, wastes huge amounts of senior managers time and causes irreparable damage to business relationships and reputations. Even after the financial and other costs have been incurred the outcomes may not be to anyone's liking.Commercial mediation clients keep control of the dispute resolution process. The negotiated agreements are not imposed by the mediator or by a judge. The negotiations that result in the resolution of the conflict are always within the parameters acceptable to the parties and must make commercial sense. Our mediators are experienced business managers and understand commercial realities and the underlying issues that may make conflict resolution difficult. We will always do our best in assisting our commercial clients to reach lasting solutions that resolve conflicts and in so far as is possible to restore business relationships.

Misconceptions about mediation.

As commercial mediators we don't only deal with conflicts when they reach crisis point. Most commercial and other organisations live with issues that cannot be raised in meetings or between individuals including managers at every level of seniority. These are issues that fester into intractable taboos  and may continue for years as an impediment to openness and effective teamwork. Some of these issues are more important than others and may ultimately end in open conflicts and relationship breakdowns.

A skilled mediator with experience in the commercial world can assist you to deal with the underlying and unspoken interpersonal problems that may already be impacting on your profitability and may eventually threaten the business itself.


You can contact us at any time without obligation and in complete confidence to discuss the issues that concern you within your business or organisation. Commercial mediation is a very broad term and the process is appropriate to any dealings with any organisation with which people must do business including commercial, government or other public bodies and educational institutions to name just a few. We mediate between business partners, company directors or managers. The situations are varied and the boundaries between commercial and workplace mediations are not always well defined.

Mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution process (ADR) needs to be an integral part of any modern partnership agreement workplace manual or agreement, business contract or terms and conditions. Speak to your solicitors about reviewing your standard contracts and agreements to incorporate mandatory ADR.